I love food. And I love wine. No brainer here, I love them together too.

I like to read. I like to travel. I enjoy marveling at the unknown.

I like experiencing new things. I like learning about what I don’t know. I like seeing what I know in a different light.

I am Justine. A wife. A millennial. A mother to a four-legged chocolate labrador we call Medoc. I work in the wine industry, but have loved wine even before. I didn’t always know about wine, I am sure I didn’t understand it then. I just know I always enjoyed it since my very first sip.

I love food. And I love wine. And everyone knows, these are better when shared with another.

And this is all what this space is all about – me sharing a meal, an experience, a bottle of wine with you in the language I speak, in the sounds I hear and in the beauty I see.

I used to work in an IT consulting firm. I loved it then. I loved the hustle of corporate life. It was an ideal training ground for an ambitious fresh graduate. But when the cork popped, I just knew it was time to take another first sip of this brand new chapter.

While working in the wine industry, I find that what they say is true:

Do what you love and you’ll never work another day in your life.

When I find myself not at work, however, I am seeing the world. Sometimes for the first, second, third or 10th time, and sometimes the world I see is in the form of the food I eat. And I live by the same principle in tasting wine as in my travels: each sip is different.

Even if it is the same bottle at a different time, even if it is paired with the same food as the last time, even if it is with the same people you shared the same bottle with, each sip is always different.

We are evolving beings. I believe, no matter where we are in our lives, it is better to become than to simply be.

My journey in wine and in life is always that of becoming.

I will always love food, hopefully more in the track of learning to make them that just eating all the time. And I know I will always love wine.

And in this food-loving culture, I hope to inspire a more wine-loving culture through my experiences, my journey, the bottles I pop open with the food I enjoy, one sip at a time.